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Your Winning Science Fair Investigation

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Watch for a quick promo. Step-by-step guidance for creating your Science Fair experimental investigation: from choosing a topic to reporting on and presenting your work at the science fair competition. Created and guided by Dr Angela Stott, who has mentored hundreds of successful Science Fair projects over the past 30 years. Many of these won awards at regional, national and international levels. Angela has distilled her expertise and knowledge, and has drawn from her book, Experimental Investigations, to create this step-by-step online program. This includes: notes, movies, quizzes and exercises, as well as an online intelligent Excel sheet in which you will build up your investigation in a guided manner. Once you have completed this Excel sheet, you will receive a self-populated, and appropriately formatted, report and poster containing your inputted information at the appropriate places as well as tips on how to edit this first draft into a winning submission. For help in deciding which plan is the best fit for you, watch: Middle & High School Natural, Physical, Life & Earth Sciences

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