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Accompanies the Electric Circuit Practical Workbooks


Some features of the kits:

  • LEDs and high-value resistors (1k or higher) are mostly used since this conserves the batteries and reduces error since battery-internal resistance forms a smaller fraction of the whole. A few practicals use bulbs and low-value resistors where these are more appropriate to teach the target concepts.
  • The circuit board consists of screws and washers embedded in chip-board. Components are secured in place by trapping them between the board and washer, using a provided screw-driver.



  • Gr 10-12 Physical Sciences kit (10--12PS): LEDs, bulbs, resistors of values corresponding to workbooks, variable resistor, wires, circuit board, pliers with wire-stripper, screw driver, multimeter
  • Gr 8&9 Natural Sciences kit (8-9NS) : As above, plus Nichrome wire cards differing in length and thickness
  • Gr 10 Technical Science kit (10TS) : As above, plus reverse side of circuit board has house plan for design task in workbook

Circuit Building Kit

PriceFrom R679,00
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