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Accompanies the Technology Electric Circuit Practical Workbooks and the Parallel Circuits Online Programs


Some features of the kits:

  • LEDs and high-value resistors (1k or higher) are mostly used since this conserves the batteries and reduces error since battery-internal resistance forms a smaller fraction of the whole. A few practicals use bulbs and low-value resistors where these are more appropriate to teach the target concepts.
  • The circuit board consists of screws and washers embedded in chip-board. Components are secured in place by trapping them between the board and washer, using a provided screw-driver.
  • The circuit board has two sides: one for generic circuit building and the other with the house plan used in the Parallel Circuits online programs and the Technology task. The house plan has connection points at various points in the rooms, corresponding to the pictures given in these resources.



  • LEDs, bulbs, resistors of values corresponding to workbooks, variable resistor, wires, circuit board, pliers with wire-stripper, screw driver, multimeter, Nichrome wire cards differing in length and thickness. The reverse side of the circuit board has house plan for design task in the workbook and online programs.

Circuit Building Kit with House Plan

PriceFrom R679,00
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