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This A3 laminated, write-and-wipe reusable workbook can be used individually or by a group of 2-4 learners, and is designed in such a way that:

  • thinking, understanding and pattern-finding are focused on.
  • the relationships between variables and concepts are highlighted.


Features and structure of this A3 printed workbook:

  • colours indicate variables & concepts.
  • laminated for write-and-wipe use with white-board marker pens.
  • gap-fill.
  • consists of two double-sided A3 pages ("Uniform motion" and "Accelerated motion") bound to four double-sided A4 pages such that:
  1. the A3 pages provide guidance to summarise patterns in motion and graphs of motion for position, velocity and acceleration for 5 s of motion.
  2. the A4 pages line up with the data on their associated A3 page to guide graph plotting.
  3. the A4 pages provide guidance for calculations with equations and graphs, such that the link between the two is exposed.

Gr 10 Graphs and Equations of Motion | A3-A4 Group Workbook | Write and wipe

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