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This workbook is designed with two main focuses:

  • Conceptual focus: To guide learners to understand stoichiometric concepts at submicroscopic, macroscopic and symbolic levels
  • Calculation focus: To guide learners to solve stoichiometry questions, largely using the unit factor method

Some features of this workbook: 

  • thinking, understanding, use of proportion, calculation competence and terminology-acquisition are focused on. 
  • its systematic, guided and consistent colour-coded structure is intended to guide learning even if a teacher or other resources are absent by: (1) giving worked examples, then (2) providing guided practise, then (3) removing support to develop independent competence.
  • the interactive PDFs have links to movies on each topic at the appropriate places. For these to work, internet access is required.

PDF | Gr 10&11 Stoichiometry | Fill-in workbook

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